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Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace With 14k Yellow Gold Clasp


Length: 17.5″

Pearl Size: 10.5mm-13mm

Our breathtaking Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace is crafted with luminescent pearls, each born from the depths of the South Sea, boasting a radiant hue between the warm gold embrace and the ethereal sun-kissed glow. This necklace exudes an aura of bold luxury and sophistication. .


Experience the unparalleled elegance of our Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace–A Symbol of Pure Luxury.

This exquisite piece showcases the rare beauty of golden South Sea pearls, making it a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

Renowned for their exceptional luster and rich golden hue, each pearl is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. The timeless design of this necklace highlights the natural beauty of the pearls, creating a sophisticated and elegant look.

A durable and secure clasp ensures that your precious pearls stay in place, offering peace of mind while wearing. Elevate your style with the Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace. Give us a call for more information.